Working week

Enjoy your working week at Vekabo!

Are you looking for the right location for your class or team's working or study event? At Vekabo you are at the right address. Our group accommodations are fully equipped to receive groups. Large groups, small groups, children, adolescents, students, your group will find a warm welcome at Vekabo. And as you are accustomed from Vekabo, our group accommocations are located amidst nature.

All comforts are there
Are you on the lookout for a location where you can organize your own programme? Or would you rather make use of the activity options offered at a location? We offer both. It speaks for itself that are group accommodations are equipped with all comforts, even including meals if that is your wish. Discover the possibilities on our Vekabo-locations and book an unforgettable break for your class, team or other group!
Enjoy your working week at Vekabo!You'll find a warm welcome at Vekabo

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